There are a lot of talented and creative artist out there, and Commercial Photographer – Felix Hernandez is undoubtedly one of them. Creating jaw dropping photos with the use of scale models, people, homegrown effects (storebought), and some fine edititing.

I photograph small objects with a big imagination

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In addition to being a skilled photographer, Felix Hernandez has adapted his style and creativity to make imagination come true. He does this by staging scenes with a variety of models of toys, characters and so on, lighting it beautifully and making use of everyday household objects to make them just that more believable.

I love photo manipulation and digital art, but what’s really cool is doing as much as you can in-camera. For snow scenes, I use wheat flour. For desert scenes, I use corn flour. For atmosphere, I add smoke. For rain, I spray water. For droplets, I add corn syrup

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There is no doubt about the level of creativity that lives within Felix Hernandez. Pay him tribute, enjoy his work and get inspired.

You may find more of his work here: FacebookYouTube500px

Morten Talleivsen

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CEO and author of 211178, CMO at NovaSolo AS by day and dad all the time.

Morten Talleivsen is a driven, self taught designer with over 18 years of experience, in multiple fields within design. Has worked with everything from signmaking, advertising agency and teaching, as well as co-owning an advertising agency.