Israeli artist Eyal Rosenthal has created some awesome minimalistic lighting fixtures inspired from Star Wars characters.

Done secondly as a April fools prank, I would say he succeeded in making some impressive 3D renders of lighting fixtures I would guess any StarWars fan would be proud to own! That including yours truly.

In his own words he posted;

“I tried to catch the essence of the characters but at the same time to keep a minimalist and clean design to look like something you’d put at home regardless the inspiration’s origin.

Having that Scandinavian style, I decided to present them as pages in a Swedish catalog. I invented names to resemble Swedish but still remind the origin. In order for it to look real i also added a paragraph in Swedish which i google-translated from the original character’s Wikipedia page. Eventually, I decided to launch them as an April’s fools day prank so I created a web page that tells a wacky story about the discovery of these lamps as if they were the original inspiration for the movie characters…”

While the Swedish google translate is fun to read for me as a Scandinavian, it sure looks just as he wanted it to. IKEA goes intergalactic.

Morten Talleivsen

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