Not able to sit at your local coffeeshop and work, but want to feel like you do? HipsterSound makes it happen for you!

Apparently there is a growing trend of making high quality ambience alternatives for creatives. My latest discovery is HipsterSound which gives you the option of sitting down at several different locations, or compose your own ambience menu of choice.

All i can say is that it’s brilliant and you should try it out! I’m gonna take a powernap, cause “rainy terrace” made me sleepy…

Morten Talleivsen

CEO, CMO and Dad at 211178 - Creative Agency / NovaSolo AS
CEO and author of 211178, CMO at NovaSolo AS by day and dad all the time.

Morten Talleivsen is a driven, self taught designer with over 18 years of experience, in multiple fields within design. Has worked with everything from signmaking, advertising agency and teaching, as well as co-owning an advertising agency.