The Noun Project is my main source for icons for everything and anything.

Since I discovered this website some months ago i’ve been striking gold every time I need a specific icon for any project. Well worth the $9.99 a month for commercial use of any icons on the site. As an added bonus, if you’r working on a mac, they have developed a clever widget to find your icons of need without leaving the comfort of your photoshop or illustrator time. Coding savy? They also have an API.

Take some time out while having a coffee, and browse through the extensive database of icons. I hope The Noun Project will be as much of a resource as they have been to me.

Morten Talleivsen

CEO, CMO and Dad at 211178 - Creative Agency / NovaSolo AS
CEO and author of 211178, CMO at NovaSolo AS by day and dad all the time.

Morten Talleivsen is a driven, self taught designer with over 18 years of experience, in multiple fields within design. Has worked with everything from signmaking, advertising agency and teaching, as well as co-owning an advertising agency.