Something in me wants to do sustainable things, and growing leafy green things I can eat at home sounds like a good idea. Now IKEA is going to help me and everybody else realize that goal.

This May IKEA is giving all homegrowers the means to get seeding at home. With their hydroponic system everything is built in modules and steps, so that even those who claim they don’t have green fingers (you know who they are) can give it a whirl, and succseed.

The challenge was to make growing plants in a hydroponic system simple, so that anyone could succeed …


Morten Talleivsen

CEO, CMO and Dad at 211178 - Creative Agency / NovaSolo AS
CEO and author of 211178, CMO at NovaSolo AS by day and dad all the time.

Morten Talleivsen is a driven, self taught designer with over 18 years of experience, in multiple fields within design. Has worked with everything from signmaking, advertising agency and teaching, as well as co-owning an advertising agency.