One of my favourite creative resource sites just released their new design, and i’m real excited about it.

Celebrating it’s sixth birthday with version 5 of Daniel Nelson’s brainchild. I have been following this site almost since the beginning, and it’s one of my top sites I draw inspiration from.

Gathering inspirational design of all kinds, sorted into categories, carefully selected makes the result visual eye candy. The new design offers several improvements to the ux and ui. The biggest change is going from galleries published in intervals, into a more Behance or Pinterest‘ish infinityscroll. This gives a more steady flow of new projects, and personally I appreciate this redesign a lot. I guess I’m one of the “I love to scroll” people…



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As before, the site also has an interesting article section which gives a more in-depth look into artists and projects from all over the globe. Neatly aligned and sectioned into categories for easy access.


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These and many other features in the new design makes it worth a visit even if you are a frequent visitor of the site, or this is entirely new to you! All in all this is a good and responsive upgrade to an already awesome site. Kudos Daniel, and keep up the good work sharing inspirational content to the people.

Morten Talleivsen

CEO, CMO and Dad at 211178 - Creative Agency / NovaSolo AS
CEO and author of 211178, CMO at NovaSolo AS by day and dad all the time.

Morten Talleivsen is a driven, self taught designer with over 18 years of experience, in multiple fields within design. Has worked with everything from signmaking, advertising agency and teaching, as well as co-owning an advertising agency.

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  • Thanks for sharing this site dude! Never saw it before, but now it looks like i have a new favorite site for browsing creative eye candy! 😀


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